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Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Saving the world with the power of friendship and really big bazookas!

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

Okay. So. This is a sentai drama, meaning there are goofy suits and giant fighting robots and lots and lots of cheese.

THAT SAID, this is a drama that goes totally beyond the premise ("lol, what?") and is filled with wonderful characters and friendships and humor and PLOT and CONTINUITY and AWESOMENESS. It's the kind of drama that will eventually make you burst into gross sobbing because you just LOVE EVERYONE SO MUCH. I even put the theme song on my phone, which is super-embarrassing because there's no way to pretend it's anything other than what it is.

Person: What are you listening to?
Me: ........................Rihanna.

Basically, if you have an inner critic, ignore him. THIS IS AN AWESOME DRAMA AND YOU WILL FEEL AWESOME FOR WATCHING IT.

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Can You Hear My Heart: A stirring tale of love, joy, romance, family ties, and only a little murder.

Can You Hear My Heart

He's a deaf man who pretends he can hear. She's the daughter of a deaf mom who JUST SO HAPPENS to be the stepsister of his adopted father's bio son with his fake-dad's sister. Together, you'd think they were in a kdrama or something!

30-episode family dramas aren't most people's idea of a good time. I know this, I understand it, and yet I'm pimping CYHMH anyway, because this is the family drama that will change your mind about family dramas. You may think they're all the same or that they're just not your cup of tea, but a few eps of CYHMH and you'll be singing a different tune. It's that good.

If you like:

  • Awesome childhood eps
  • Well-done love triangles
  • Interesting storylines across multiple generations
  • Plots that converge when you least expect it
  • Families that are created, not born

    Then this drama is for you.

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  • legal in canada!

    Zenkai Girl: Because the only thing more powerful than a lawsuit is the power of CUDDLING.

    Zenkai Girl

    She's an ambitious bloodhound on the trail of success. He's a fun-loving single dad with his own fake breasts and baby slings. Together, pigtails and piggybacks and pillbugs!

    Ignore the terrible picture! This is actually a really nice drama with a fabulous heroine, hot love interest(s), adorable kids, hijinks balanced with family woe, and great ladies running all over the place. If you're at all moved by cuteness and emotional bonding, this is the drama for you.

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    the best told untold love story

    What's Up: Don't stop believing! Hold onto that feeling! And don't let the cops catch you!

    What's Up


    It's about a group of kids - and a few teachers - who are all in their school's theater and music department. Take the best parts of Glee, mix them with the quirkiness of Nodame Cantabile and the youthful indie vibe of Mary Stayed Out All Night, then throw them all in a blender and hit the awesome button.


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    this IS my happy face

    BOSS 2: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

    BOSS 2

    They're baaaaaaaack!

    Honestly, I avoided this drama for a long time because I was grumpy about the cast changes, but when I finally gave it a shot it only took me five minutes to fall right back in love. Witty dialogue! Lady BAMFs! Hijinks and mysteries! Ship teases all over the place!

    Long story short, if you enjoyed the first BOSS, you'll love this one too.

    If you haven't seen the first BOSS... I don't want to know you.

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    EBH: Epic Battle Hair

    Clone Baby: In the game of clones, you win or you die.

    Clone Baby

    He's a boy with a mysterious birthmark. They're a group of strangers with identical DNA. Together, more questions than Lost and even worse science than Doctor Who!


    I'm really sorry for giving it away.

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    "...and all that is good."

    SPEC: Crime, fantasy, and romantic non-romance, or if Fringe had a baby with MR. BRAIN.


    She's an antisocial weirdo genius. He's a buttoned-up former elite with a low tolerance for wacky. Together, they INVESTIGATE PARANORMAL CRIME!

    I'd really like to know how they dreamed up this drama. Well, aside from being a spinoff of the 90s version. I just really would've loved to be in that board meeting.

    "Buddy cops?"
    "Buddy cops who are total opposites?"
    "You know, that's never been done before and I can certainly see the appeal, but it's still not enough."
    "Okay... how about mismatched buddy cops who fight criminals WITH SUPERPOWERS?"
    "Mind-readers and psychics and murderers!"
    "WITH GUNS!"

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    tv makes you smart

    Mary Stayed Out All Night: A robot, a teddy bear, and an alley cat walk into a bar...

    Mary Stayed Out All Night
    (or Marry Me, Mary!)

    She's a penniless twentysomething. They're her meal ticket back to college... if she can survive a marriage contract. Together, wacky hijinks, co-habitation, and an OT3 practically handwrapped for future porn!

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA, AND HATERS CAN SEE THE DOOR. Seriously, don't even bother commenting if you're just going to say "but it was repetitive!" or "it had no point!" This is a drama about fake marriages, love contracts, slash jokes, and running over your love interest to the tunes of choir music. If you expected genius storytelling, the problem was with you.

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    beware the quiet ones

    Ninja Assassin: A deep, hard-hitting cinematic experience our tiny brains cannot comprehend.

    Ninja Assassin

    She's a government researcher. He's a gentleman of morally dubious character with some skill in martial arts. Together, HEADS ROLL! LITERALLY! IT'S AWESOME!

    THE END.

    Wait, you need more?

    THE END.

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    sorry baldie

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    Okay, I know I've let this place languish, but I'm totally on top of it now.


    1: I've redone the tags for clarity and better organization. Also, as a reminder, I have an index post if you're ever looking for a specific pimp.
    2: Rainscene is now on tumblr! Chase My Bus. Like this place, everything is public and there's no need to register or anything. You can just browse at your leisure.
    3: About spoilers:

    Sometime last year LJ fucked with their code, and as a result, old spoilertext isn't showing up in comments. (It still works in the posts themselves, just not the comments.) I can't edit them and I don't want to screen and lose all that discussion, so consider this a blanket warning: when browsing comments, there may be spoilers.

    Sorry, everyone. ): I hate it too.