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Aishiteru to Itte Kure: You know what they say about men with big hands... expressive sign language!

Aishiteru to Itte Kure

He's a deaf artist. She's an aspiring actress. Together, a touching love story that transcends language and probes the deep questions of the human condition -- AND ALSO THEY HAVE SEX!



Nope, that pretty much covers it.

Koji is a deaf, mute artist who lives alone and wallows in voiceovers, leaning on things attractively and shaking out his model hair.

Everything changes when he meets Hiroko, a perky theater actress with no concept of shame or personal space. Apparently the way to a man's heart is to annoy him to death, a trait Hiroko employs in spades.

Some men will do anything to get laid.

She learns sign language and performs Shakespeare on his balcony; he paints pretty pictures and is not tempted to throw her into a furnace, which makes him a better person than me.

Hiroko, by the way, is obsessed with his "large hands." At least once an episode she's thinking about his big hands, complimenting his big hands, musing how his big hands mean... better rice balls.


My favorite scene is the beach date (!!!!) where Hiroko gets anxious as night falls: "You can't read my lips in the dark and we can't see each other's singing." Koji shows her a way to communicate without words.

They continue to... communicate...

In bed...

Rolling around the floor...

All over the place...

Language is a beautiful thing, don't you think?

Unfortunately for Hiroko, she's not the only one to realize Koji is a virile sexual beast wrapped in oversized sweaters. She has to deal with things like his CRAZY STALKER EX and jealous little sister:


Oldschool romance! Before text messaging, there were lovey-dovey faxes.

RAIN SCENE. Toyokawa Etsushi looks edible when wet. It seriously blows my mind that the gross, perverted, nose-picking womanizer from Bengoshi no Kuzu spent the 90s as a romantic hero.

Are you watching, are you watching? :D
Tags: ***, *country: japan, cast: tokiwa takako, cast: toyokawa etsushi, genre: age gap romance, genre: dramatic disease, genre: no brain required, screenwriter: kitagawa eriko

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