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Nodame Cantabile: Is that your baton or are you just happy to see me?

Nodame Cantabile

He's the talented but arrogant conductor. She's the messy, disorganized spaz who can replay the classics by ear. Together, Beethoven!

Another classic! If you haven't seen Nodame, drop everything and check your sanity at the door. Herein lies quirky romance, gay voyeurs, musical misadventures, mismatched fashion, electric violin, purple ooze, stalker afros, mongoose costumes and flying pink sparkles, and it's all set to Mozart and Chopin.

And Tamaki Hiroshi is smokingly, unbelievably, world scorchingly gorgeous, to the point where his beautiful marble face would actually distract me from his scenes. I'd completely space out following the movements of his hands, or his shoulders, or his neck...

Our story starts when Chiaki:

Meets Nodame:

The perky, sloppy, off-beat neighbor who happens to be a musical genius, whose unique style presents a challenge Mr. Perfect isn't used to.

They make "beautiful music" together, a metaphor worth analyzing, especially since Chiaki has a very positive, appreciative response to her quirks.

She's just a little different!

Real love overcomes all obstacles!

It's not stalking, it's just attention you didn't know you wanted!

With much wailing and mutual bullying, Nodame and Chiaki flail, fly, and faceplant their way into the formation of a new orchestra at their music school.

It's a very... special... orchestra.

The best part is being able to watch Chiaki's sanity slowly sputter and die. He doesn't just lose his marbles, he lets Nodame spraypaint them and send them to outer space, where the rest of their logic and good sense is taking an extended vacation.

MASUMI-CHAN IS MY FAVORITE. The timpani player and crossdressing stalker, and Nodame's biggest rival for Chiaki's love.

Yes, he is so gorgeous that even other guys are in love with him.

Here's the fanboy who eyerapes Chiaki. He watches Chiaki undress with a hungry gaze and quivering loins, and snaps helpful advice like "HURRY UP AND FINISH!!!", his eyes stuck to the peek of Chiaki's bare flesh. A guy after my own heart. ♥

Everyone wants a piece.

Except Mine, the electric violinist with a love of rainbow, who is not impressed:

Because he already has a lady.

The hetero in this drama is limited, but delicious.

Much like the logic.

Just... just abandon anything even resembling reason, and sit back and enjoying people flying through the air or attacking someone with love sparkles that gush from their face. ♥ ♥ ♥

This is why there should be a law that all good-looking people must go naked in public.

"This orchestra is so great! It's like the sounds are making love! And the conductor! Like he was giving himself to ecstasy!" I wish I had a cap of his orgasmic piano performance, because he was stroking those goddamn keys, working his entire body into the instrument, wet-eyed and breathing "more... more..."

Did I mention he's really hot? I mean, I've talked so much about the finer details of the plot and character development, maybe I forgot to mention it. REALLY HOT.

It's not love if you don't check around doorways first!

MADE FOR EACH OTHER. And also straitjackets.
Tags: *****, *country: japan, cast: eita, cast: endo yuya, cast: fukushi seiji, cast: kichise michiko, cast: kimura ryo, cast: koide keisuke, cast: mizukawa asami, cast: mukai osamu, cast: oikawa mitsuhiro, cast: saeko, cast: takenaka naoto, cast: tamaki hiroshi, cast: ueno juri, genre: canon gay, genre: college, genre: friendship/teamwork, genre: hilarity and hijinks, genre: music, genre: romantic comedy

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